Time to Think with The Daily Stoic

Episode 6: Time to Think with The Daily Stoic

In this new episode of The RevolutionFI Podcast, Tim stresses the importance of time to think with The Daily Stoic.

“So, the question is this: How can 50+ folks like us, honest and hard-working, how do we manage our current responsibilities and still plan for retirement? 401ks alone won’t be enough and we don’t have 40 years to save, so how do we leverage our experience and wisdom to gain financial independence? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Tim, and welcome to the Revolution. The RevolutionFI podcast.”



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All right, Happy Saturday to you, first episode on the weekend. And before I get into the reflection for today, just a reminder that if you want to eliminate your debt and get yourself on the path to financial independence, head on over to RevolutionFI.com and grab yourself The Solopreneur Formula™ worksheet, and that will help you get on your way. And make sure you take a picture of that last page and text it to me and I will be happy to give you some feedback on it. 

All right, so today’s weekend reflection comes to us via the Daily Stoic, which is the daily email sent out by Ryan Holiday and his team. And I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m subscribed to a number of daily email services. And this is the one I always read, it is fantastic. This particular one came out on October 20, I’m sorry, October 28, of 2020. And what I’ll do is just read you a portion of this, and then give you my interpretation of it, so that you can get a sense of what these are about.

From Ryan Holiday

Alright, so Ryan says, “There are lots of things you can pay people to do for you. You can pay them to mow your lawn or do your taxes. You can pay them to drive you from one place to another and you can pay them to sell things for you. But the one thing you cannot pay people to do for you is think…No one can “reflect” on your behalf. No one can think about the big picture for you…Your employees are not going to come up with your business’ five year plan for you—only you can do that. The publisher is not going to write your book for you. The sales assistant isn’t going to come up with your next great sales strategy. They’re not going to invest in relationships for you. They’re not going to help you find inspiration to keep going.”

That’s just a portion of the email that was sent on the 28th. But I love this idea. Because what I think it does is it reinforces this idea that we really need time to reflect, we need time to think we need big picture time. And I know especially my author business, this is something I struggled with. And I’m still not very good at it. I don’t have a team, I don’t have virtual assistants. Now I do have my kids and have helped me tremendously with a lot of the podcasts work that I do. But that’s in house and they’re my children, so I trust them. But I haven’t been able to get to the point where I’ve been willing to let go of some of the tasks that I know I probably should let go of and give those to VAs.

Needing to Let Go

And that’s kind of silly, because I can pay to have that done. You know, I’m still mowing the lawn, I’m still there’s still things around the house that I’m doing that I should be paying to do. Because it’s costing me money. In the end. I need to have time to think about where I want to go with RevolutionFI about what kind of product or service I want to build for you. And I can’t do that if my time is gobbled up with administrative things.

Now. That’s not to say I’m above those. I think we all have them and they’re things that we have to deal with. But you can always make more money, you can’t make more time. And I think that’s sort of the bottom line I had from this so interesting. The Daily Stoic always makes me think and I thought it’d be a perfect weekend reflection on this Saturday.

All right. That’s it for this episode. I will be back with episode number seven, which is another weekend reflection for your Sunday morning coffee. I’ll see you then.

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