Lessons From a Legend - Bukowski

Episode 21: Lessons From a Legend – Bukowski

In this new episode of The RevolutionFI Podcast, Tim looks at lessons from a legend – writer, Charles Bukowski.

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Back here on Sunday morning with another Weekend Reflection. Hopefully you have thought a little bit about Ernest Hemingway’s rules for writing.

Before we get to Charles Bukowski today, if you like the podcast and you’re getting value from it, please tell somebody, I would really appreciate it if you use the power of word of mouth to help me build an audience. Really appreciate it.

We are going back to The Stacked Marketer, and today we’re taking a look at their approach to Charles Bukowski’s interpretation of writing. Although Bukowski was a marketer and not a novelist, you’re going to see some very similar themes between the two men.

Get Right to the Point

The first suggestion from The Stacked Marketer, according to Charles Bukowski, is write tacos, not art. Bukowski believed a lot like Hemingway–get right to the point. He didn’t like pretentious writing, and he is quoted as saying, “Great art is horseshit by tacos.” I love the approach of making your ad copy or your sales copy appear to be more like tacos than great art, so don’t take it too seriously.

Don’t Fret Over Grammar

The second one from Bukowski is don’t fret over the grammar, just get the writing done. He was quoted as saying, “In the morning, it was morning and I was still alive. Maybe I’ll write a novel, I thought, and then I did.” The Stacked Marketer says hey, try approaching your writing in the same way. Don’t be afraid to start sentences with and. Bukowski wasn’t a big fan of grammar norms. Your grammar needs to be good enough that it’s not a distraction, but don’t get hung up on perfection. Just write it.

Don’t fret over the grammar, and these days, unlike Bukowski and Hemingway, we have a lot of technical tools that we can use to fix that grammar. Everything from spellcheck to Grammarly to Autocrit and many, many more.

Don’t Give Up

Thirdly, Bukowski would say, don’t give up. Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all. I love this advice. Just because you don’t get it on the first try doesn’t mean you should quit. In fact, in my writing experience, the first time I write something, it’s terrible. I have to constantly go back over it and revise it and change it, so don’t give up.

Keep trying, keep writing, and as Bukowski said, “Write tacos, not art.” Just do it and forget that grammar and don’t give up. Hopefully you found that advice from a marketing legend helpful. I know I found that helpful in my own writings whether they were sales copy or not.

That’ll do it for this Sunday edition of the Weekend Reflections. I will be back tomorrow morning, Monday morning, with a brand new episode. Until then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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