A Big Pivot

Episode 36: A Big Pivot

In this new episode of The RevolutionFI Podcast, Tim realizes that it’s time for a big pivot into a new direction.

“So, the question is this: How can 50+ folks like us, honest and hard-working, how do we manage our current responsibilities and still plan for retirement? 401ks alone won’t be enough and we don’t have 40 years to save, so how do we leverage our experience and wisdom to gain financial independence? That is the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Tim, and welcome to the Revolution. The RevolutionFI podcast.”

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Hey, there, welcome to another episode of RevolutionFI. I am Tim. And I have as you can tell from the title, a bit of a pivot.

I’ve been doing a lot of customer discovery, I have been talking to a lot of people. And I feel like I need to make a major pivot and where I’m headed. And I’m not sure financial independence is the space where I need to be. So I need to figure some things out. And I it’s going to take me a little bit of time.

I’ve decided I’m going to hit pause on the podcast, and I don’t know, when or if I’ll come back with it. I I really enjoyed doing it. And the financial independence space is definitely an interest of mine and something I’m passionate about. But I’m not niching down far enough. And I think what I might do is come back here and do like an update episode to kind of let you know where I’m headed.

But I I’m headed towards retirement planning for a specific archetype. And I don’t think that’s the same as financial independence. And I think that’s what I’m discovering. The more research I do, the more people I talk to, the more things that I read.

So, yeah, so I guess this is gonna be it for a while. If anything changes, I’ll come back here and let you know. I know, there’s not a massive audience listening to this so it’s not going to break the internet. But I also apologize to those of you who have enjoyed your your daily dose of RevolutionFI and that it’s not going to be coming anymore.

But you know, if you got questions or want to know more, you know how to get in touch. Just hit me up. And I’ll I’ll kind of tell you what’s going on. It’s not really relevant to the general audience, which is why I’m not gonna get into details here. And the other part is, I don’t know exactly where I’m headed yet. I was premature in launching the podcast and the brand and I need to reevaluate.

I need to step back and take a closer look, and make sure that the passion that I have is a solution to a problem someone else has. And I again, I think I was too premature on that. I have a hunch that that’s the case, but I don’t have evidence and I I’m trying to be very cautious in moving this forward. This is a big step for me. And I want to make sure I’m doing the best I can and I feel like if I keep going headlong into this direction without validating a lot of stuff, that’s not going to happen.

So again, apologies. Hopefully, you know, I can bring this back in some shape or form and if I have an update, I’ll let you know. But that’s gonna be it for now. And yeah, reach out if you got some questions. Okay. Thanks for listening. Take it easy.

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